Anne-Marie & Mathew | Our wedding day | Cottenham | 19th November 2016


Finishing a year in style is what it’s all about and we end it with my last wedding of the year, in Cambridgeshire, in the sweet village of Cottenham. It is always an exciting time for a photographer when it comes to the last wedding of the year. What have I learned, what new tricks and styles have I inherited? As you can see from this (short and sweet) gallery, I have created some new techniques such as lens distortion (using the glare from the sun) and dehazing techniques. With Autumn colours in their full hues and saturation, the colour scheme for this wedding was perfect…a nice neutral silver! Anne-Marie and Mathew booked me through the very awesome Truly Scrumptious Weddings, who are based in Cambridgeshire. They also booked their car in style using the very prestige Crystal Chauffeurs. Owner Sanj Rana entered with stunning Rolls Royce with a pearlescent wrap and Sanj was so helpful throughout the day.

Matching my tie with colour scheme, the footwear was something spectacular and yet, unknown to me, I matched! I asked Anne if I could take some photographs of the wedding shoes, she replied “oh I don’t do shoes, I have Nike trainers in white!” The children had black Nike Jordan’s and to match, the groom also came prepared with black Nike Jordan’s. Stood there with my matching tie, I looked down at my footwear only to see that I was wearing my sneaky, church friendly and very quiet black Nike SB’s with white trim! Double bonus points!

The church of Cottenham All Saints is very picturesque and during my recce a few days before the wedding day, I planned and framed some stunning shots to excite the lens. The confetti bliss was beautifully captured just outside the church and as the priest announced “this is why we pay council tax”, I could understand what he meant as confetti has only one destination, the floor. There are many churches which do not allow confetti to be thrown on the grounds and advise that it should be carried out beyond the perimeters of the church.

When I arrived at Hallmark Hotel in Bar Hill, I was most excited that the leaves of the trees held out to their faithful Autumn colours. Though my bride and groom post wedding photoshoot was to be carried out amongst the trees, one must not forget that this is a golf course! Once again my recce paid off and I created some very colourful photography for Anne and Mathew to enjoy. Speaking of enjoyment, this journal cannot end without mentioning one gentleman who I thought was brilliant throughout the whole day and night. I actually thought this person was working for the hotel, or at least the bestman but he was simply a good friend of Mathew. He is the one and only Ryan. This guy conducted the whole day from organising the speeches, cutting of the cake, a quiz, gathering guests and announcing any major segments of the day. Ryan, you deserve 2 syllables after your name… OOH YEAH!