Jenny D | Featuring Feroza | Asian Bridal Fashion | Haycock Hotel | Wansford | 13th January 2018



Take a sensational talented Asian make up artist, an Asian model, a selection of elegant, modern asian bridal wedding dresses and you’ve got a recipe for an Asian bridal shoot right? Well throw Nikos into the equation and it will be far from a standard Asian bridal fashion shoot In fact, I call it fusion. My word for 2018, fusion photography.

Feroza, a professional make up and hair stylist based in Peterborough, looked at her portfolio and realised she was missing one key aspect in her work…Asian bridal fashion, the heart of of the Asian wedding industry. So, Feroza visualised and put together a shoot that would broaden her portfolio into the Bollywood infused industry. Yes it is all about glamour, colour, stunning scenery and impacting photography, but why choose Nikos? I mean what do I know about Asian bridal fashion?

Feroza said that if she wanted the standard and traditional eastern inspired bridal photography, she would have chosen someone in the Asian photography industry. Feroza wanted something different. She did not want the standard and traditional styles from this genre. As you all know, I have never done anything Asian, whether it be for fashion or weddings. This was way out of my comfort zone for routine, but my friend is a thing called “challenge”. I have my own style when it comes to the “western/english weddings” but I also have a dark side too. Feroza chose me because I do not do standard or the routine. Originally Feroza had a structure to the shoot but she let me unleash and never doubted my creativity. I have worked with Feroza several times and normal to me is weird and weird to me is normal. I naturally see the world differently to you and I project my world from mind to lens and from lens to reality.

Feroza is exposed to a variety of asian bridal shoots, whether for weddings or bridal fashion. She noticed that on social media it was all the same style photography but also recognised that I do not do normal. Inspired by the abnormality of my photography style, there was one thing to add to the fusion…the location. Feroza picked a gorgeous 16th century coaching inn, near Peterborough, the Haycock Hotel. This was far away from a good marinade to the asian bridal industry, so this was going to be one heck of a recipe.

Supplying the dresses for the shoot was Fabeha Fashion, based in Luton. They have some of the finest selections of Asian fashion wear, including bridal. For more info, visit Amzod, a young chap who runs their two shops, made a guest appearance and played a major part in the shoot. He helped out with the lighting but using my secret method.

Our model Jenny D, made her debut modelling appearance with this shoot. With Turkish roots and pristine beauty, she performed very well. Look out for her in the future catwalks!

I faced many new challenges with this shoot but I kept to my beliefs and style and created my fusion photography. My first challenge was visual. The dresses do not flow like the traditional western white wedding dresses that I am used to. In fact the veil weighed about 5kg, as compared to the featherweight cathedral veils. This did not stop me. The other challenge I found was the poses, lighting and scenery. They are different to what I have seen in my research. However, I was raised on Bollywood movies and my friends alway joke that I am half Asian (currently I am not but who knows) but my creativity excelled nonetheless.

I brought in some of my styles that I have done through fashion, street, tourism, reportage and cosplay photography. I even approached this shoot as if it were a British wedding too. My style and adaptations became the ingredients, but it was how I put them together which became my recipe to my Asian/Nikos fusion. Feroza created some creative fusions herself, adding accents of orange, bronze and electric blue to the eye shadow. Contours and depth was her trick to this shoot but some of the aspects of the make were traditional. So why do things like anyone else when we are all unique. Like I have said before, it is what we do now that defines us.