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Every photographer is unique, but one must have more than the ability to take a photograph. It is not about what I see through the lens, but it is how I see the composition I want to make before the shot. In fact, I see the world very differently. I am constantly looking at life through my own filter…my artistic mind. There is also a lot of off camera work involved such as carrying out a recce of the venue before the actual day of the wedding or shoot. The recce helps me to absorb the surroundings and assists me to create a circuit in my mind for the bride and groom shoot. I like to plan a shoot but keep things natural at the same time. I am constantly focused in my own world, waiting for the right moment to strike and capturing it sharply.

As a professional photographer I like to blend in and become a part of the special memories of the day. Your wedding package will be put together for you to cherish for a lifetime, so that every day you can relive the magic of your day. It is in my blood to be creative, it is in my nature to be unique, my background is fine art, photography is my passion and your happiness is what I want to achieve…these are the perfect ingredients for your wedding photography…


Simple & affordable
Full day coverage
1 Wristband USB flash drive with high resolution photographs
Totally flexible & customisable
The popular package
Full day coverage
1 Wristband USB flash drive with high resolution photographs
70 7x5" Photographic prints
70 Page 11x8.5" hardback wedding book
Full day coverage
3 Wristband USB flash drives with high resolution photographs
100 7x5" Photographic prints
100 Page 11x8.5" hardback wedding book
1 Large canvas print in a range of sizes to suit your photo

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Fresh, modern and gorgeous, your wedding day memories will be something that you will want to look at again and again. My custom USB flash drives can be carried with you everywhere you go! Specially designed wristbands for a modern touch and a safe way to keep your memories to hand! Up to 4gb memory space, giving you around 550 high resolution photgraphs and a duplicate set in low res, to show off your memories online or at home…My wedding photo books are presented in a coffee table style book, finished to perfection onto hardback for longevity and a protective dust jacket. Being a contemporary design, your wedding book will make it intriguing and inviting for anyone want to pick up and read. My in-house designed wedding photo book will speak a 1000 words with each page, reliving your memories. Available in landscape format at a pleasing 11×8.5″ size and printed on the highest quality paper. I believe your wedding day memories should never be put on the shelf. This is definitely something that people should get out more…their wedding day memories…

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