Caron and Patrick | Our Wedding Day | Lulworth Castle | 16th September 2017



Lulworth Castle was built in the 17th century to entertain, and although originally established for the enjoyment of royalty, today Lulworth Castle now entertains everyone of us. Home to the famous Bestival, the castle is home to your fairytale wedding day memories too. This is the perfect venue for all those that want a beautiful castle along with history, character and of course a stunning backdrop. This is my second wedding here but this is my first within the castle…

The preparations began in Bournemouth at the Best Western Hotel, The Connaught. The very helpful staff at the hotel let me rearrange their library lounge in order for me to take the perfect photo of the wedding dress. Caron and Patrick both stayed at the hotel but I had to make sure that Patrick didn’t see the dress. With the help of the staff, we planned my escape route to avoid Patrick, who was swimming nearby in the complex. There was a funny incident which cannot go without mentioning. I went down to reception to ask what room Patrick was staying in. So I asked the receptionist what room the groom was in. Inside information told me that he was staying in was either 10 or 11 and in the other building. The receptionist told me that the groom was in room 213 and in the same building as the bride. I thought that this was very strange as both room and building were opposite to what the bridal team told me. Anyways, knocking on room 213, a smartly dress groom opens the door. Now I have already met Patrick and this guy looked nothing like him. Ironically the patron of room 213 was a groom but not Patrick. He said to me that he was getting married today and that he didn’t have a photographer booked. He thought that someone bought him one as a surprise.  After a giggle and my best wishes on his wedding day, it was time to find my groom, Patrick.

Caron and Patrick had also booked a videographer, the very talented Dan. We gelled so well and passed on each others artistic vision to create beautiful photo and videography. Those that know me personally know that I see the world in a different way than the majority, but I am able to transport my visions into art form. Dan is a really nice guy and is so easy to get along with. He also had a secret weapon which changed everything for me… his assistant Tim, who was already at the castle. Lultworh Castle is about a 40 minutes drive from Bournemouth and I had to time my departure responsibly.

I already had a circuit for the bride and groom shoot after the ceremony, along with the confetti shot. However, like everything in the world of photography we rely on light. What I was about to face were a selection of diverse challenges such as heavy rain and darkness. As a photographer, I have to be proactive and spontaneous. It is not only the bride and groom shoot that has to change due to weather, but the group shots too. Schedules need to be recreated and a mental tally of what you have composed too. I managed to do the Caron and Patrick’s bride and groom shoot in the rain with the help of both Dan and Tim, holding umbrellas for me. The group shots were done inside the castle.

I came up with a plan b for Caron and Patrick’s bride and groom shoot; a photo session after the speeches. However, the darkness came and this became a situation out of my comfort zone and unknown territory. Now I mentioned to you that Dan had a secret weapon right? Well this was Tim. Tim is an experienced landscape photographer and specialises in night photography. Tim is also awesome with lighting and flash. I had my Elinchrom lighting kit in the car and Tim guided me on what to do along with camera settings. I had never done this type of photography before at a wedding. With a spontaneous tutorial and guidance, Tim watched my vision become a reality. He was very impressed with my results and commented how my lines of symmetry were perfect. I can’t cope in life without things being equal, except for the three thirds rule 😉

The wedding ended with fireworks outside the castle but for me it ended with new beginnings…new set of skills…