Charlotte and Carl | Our wedding day | Billesley Manor, Warwickshire | 26th August 2016


Memory catching is my profession, but capturing a photograph that tells a thousand words is a gift. My last wedding of August 2016 brings me to Shakespeare’s County at a 16th Century manor house called Billesley Manor. And for my two main characters of this true story are two Ibiza indulgers, who like to chill at Cafe del Mar and party at Amnesia. This is a love story that even Shakespeare could not write.

I started my memory catching at Carl’s house, the groom. Although I am a solo photographer, it is possible to get preparation shots of both bride and groom. With precision planning and a pocket rocket (legal speed limits always adhered to), I can get the main elements of both sides of the preparation. Carl had great gifts for his groomsmen such as unique, personalised cufflinks engraved with Ibiza clubs and bars along with the each persons wedding rank. Another nice touch was engraved hip flasks which were indeed filled with a little kick. I did my usual scouting of the house and gathered elements of the wedding day such as the rings and other distinctive belongings. When the limo pulled up for the groom and groomsmen, it was next stop Billesley Manor, which was 40 minutes from the grooms house.

When I arrived at the manor, it was going to be a little different as far as my wedding challenges were concerned. For most part of the day there were to be 2 videographers (one of them being an assistant) and a second photographer, Ben, a professional photographer who specialises in portraiture photography using his studio. Ben wanted a chance to experience a live wedding and get material to broaden his business and although I was the main photographer, I would like to thank him for his help. The main videographer was Josh Mystik Slater, who specialises in music videos and ooh yeah you should see his work. I was speechless when I saw his work, it looked like something out of a movie. A challenge facing both photographer, second photographer and videographer is getting in each others way as we all need the same shot. So Josh and I spoke at intervals and planned smartly our approach to capturing the same elements of the day without being in the frame.

I went on up to see the bride and her team to get their preparation shots. The bride looked stunning and her bridal team accented her with their pastel dresses. Eventually Charlotte and her team got the Nikos bug…#oohyeah! This is something unique to the way I shoot and the way my personality is. A quote from Carl himself “our wedding photos are going to be of us laughing all the time“. I really do get enthusiastic about my work and thrive on your happiness…after all you got married! Josh and his assistant bless them couldn’t stop laughing at my quotes, especially the “ooh yeah”. And for those reading this and thinking they don’t like their photo taken, 90% of all my couples tell me that they don’t like their photo taken. I must be doing something right…I am part of the entertainment in some aspects.

At the ceremony I really experimented on low and natural light. I was limited to my movement due to the registrar’s instructions. Then when two became one and when Miss Gosling became Mrs Lamb, capturing all the passion from their first kiss, someone in the crowd shouted “ooh yeah!”. When Charlotte and Carl took their first step as Mr and Mrs, a full on confetti shot took place outside followed by their photoshoot. Once again I pre-planned my routine from a recce I carried out of the venue 2 months ago. The weather was blisteringly sharp and hot. It can be a challenge in sharp bright light for a photographer as over exposure can be problematic. Billesley Manor has 11 acres of grounds and 100 year old topiary gardens to work with.

I will end my journal with a special dedication to a man who was not forgotten but could not be there for Charlotte and Carl’s wedding. My last photo of this slideshow I will dedicate to Charlotte and of course her father, Charlie, who sadly could not make the wedding but was watching her daughter get married from above. We all have different beliefs but I could certainly feel he was there with them and I know he was very proud as Carl is the perfect man for Charlotte. You only have to look at the way they look and touch at each other. Charlotte had Chinese lanterns to be released at dusk and would like you all to enjoy the last photo. Look carefully at the lantern she releases, look at the bride’s expression…I capture memories indeed but memories inside our own minds I cannot capture, just your projection of what you are visualising.

Love you all x