Charlotte B | Cosplay | Fairy Shoot | 8th March 2018



After a successful fairy shoot last year on Dartmoor, Wicked Fairy Wings, a Peterborough based company that hand make beautiful and very unique fairy wings, gave me a wonderful opportunity to not only elaborate my artistic mind, but to feature their wings in a shoot for their online shop. Sarabeth, the owner and creator of these marvellous wings, was handed down the skill of fairy wing making from her mother, who was inspired by Tinker Bell. The wings come in many varieties, such as dragonfly and butterfly wings. The next task was to seek the right models and the perfect locations for the shoots.

Towards the end of last year, a lady contacted me regarding a modelling portfolio to potentially give her a modelling career. It is a model’s goal to become published and what I had for this perfect model was not only a portfolio but published work too. Welcome Charlotte B, my perfect model for the fairy cosplay shoot. Charlotte is a very down to earth girl with a farming background. She had the perfect look to become a fairy…unless…she already is one!

I am a strong believer in giving someone the ingredients but NOT a recipe. A fundamental part for photography is the make up. My talented resident make up artist, Feroza, was excited for the challenge as this is something she has never done before. I gave her the ingredients to my shoot; bronzes, go extravagant, let yourself go and experiment. The recipe is her talent, and just wow did she do a very tasty make up for the fairy.

I spread the shoots into three locations around the Peterborough area along with a ruined church in Denton. Special thanks to Orton Hall for letting shoot on their gorgeous grounds. If God had wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings, but Sarabeth wanted women to fly so she made them wings…