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Every photographer is unique, but one must have more than the ability to take a photograph. It is not about what I see through the lens, but it is how I see the composition I want to make before the shot. In fact, I see the world very differently. I am constantly looking at life through my own filter…my artistic mind. There is also a lot of off camera work involved such as carrying out a recce of the venue before the actual day of the wedding or shoot. The recce helps me to absorb the surroundings and assists me to create a circuit in my mind for the bride and groom shoot. I like to plan a shoot but keep things natural at the same time. As a professional photographer I like to blend in and become a part of the special memories of the day. Your wedding package will be put together for you to cherish for a lifetime, so that every day you can relive the magic of your day… ooh yeah….
With a background of fine art, creative design and a contagious personality, the result is me…Nikos! I blend my artistic mind and sharp eye along with enthusiasm to create striking photography. Ask anyone that has had the Nikos experience and they will tell you that I am enthusiastic, fun and a very creative. I love unusual angles and interesting backgrounds. It takes time and experience to become a recognised photographer. Although weddings and events are different, I have an adaptable approach and patience to capture photography that speaks a thousand words. Imagine a story book of photographs, a journal, your memories, your wedding day. My photography takes me from the UK, across Europe and all the way to the United States, enjoying the opportunity to capture weddings in Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Santorini and Fairy State Park in Virginia. Where will your wedding day journey take us…?
Nikos x
Wedding Fairs

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Date Organiser Location Details
08/10/2017 Truly Scrumptious Ely The Maltings, CB7 4BB | 11am-3pm
14/01/2018 Truly Scrumptious Peterborough Holiday Inn West, PE3 6SG | 11am-3pm
04/03/2018 Truly Scrumptious St. Ives Slepe Hall, St. Ives, PE27 5RB
#bestoneyet Awards!

You hear me say it at weddings, so now is your chance for you to vote for your “best one yet!”. Each year I will nominate one photograph from each wedding and it is up to you to vote for your favorite photograph. The photograph with the most votes/likes/favorites will become the official #best one yet! Winning photos will be signed, framed and sent to the lucky couple along with a certificate.

Year #Best One Yet! Details Votes
2017 Black Mambas Nadia and Austeja from the Black Mambas perform their skills inside my favourite tanning booth in Peterborough at Bella Mia 254
2016 Kristina & Joe A wedding kiss inside the wedding car with little Mia in between 184
2015 Oksana & Sasha Majestic wedding shot in Santorini with the new Mr and Mrs 246*