Jacky & Paul | Our Handfasting at Stonehenge | Antrobus Arms Hotel | 5th December 2015


I cannot express how lucky and honored I felt to be chosen as the photographer for the handfasting at this world heritage site, Stonehenge. As a hobby, I love visiting stone circles all around the UK. So being chosen to photograph a wedding at one of the worlds most famous stone circles made me feel very special indeed, especially when the bride, Jacky, told me I was chosen from many photographers. This wedding had everything, from Tarot and Rune readers, popcorn machines, jesters and fire dancers, oh and an Oyster Meister! This was organised by Pagan Wedding Planners of Glastonbury by the very special Emma and Jacqui, who did a marvelous job as usual.

On a very windy 5th of December 2015 at Stonehenge, we took in the most amazing sunrise at 7am, with gorgeous colourful skies. I did a little prayer to the Gods to bless me with the most amazing photography I could possibly create. At 8am were escorted onto the shuttle to take us to the monument before being read the rules about the stones, such as no touching or licking of the stones (which I was emotional about). There were other restrictions which, if you are planning a handfasting at the stones, there is a limit of 30 people which includes the photographer within this number and the ceremony must take place after sunrise and before the monument is open to the public. If you have not been to a pagan handfasting, then you must as they are beautiful and inspiring. This was my first time actually inside Stonehenge out of my 15 previous visits and just when it was enough photographing the ceremony, I even took part in reading out a rune reading to the bride and groom. Being called to read out the rune to Jacky and Paul, a guest pointed out that my trousers were a little on the low side, so I comforted everyone about my Greek fur, which made everyone laugh. Who knows, maybe it’s the Pan in me 😉

After Jacky and Paul jumped over their bessom (the broom stick), it was time to be very quick about organising the photography as we were on a strict time limit. Me being Nikos, had already planned this through, however I must add that the elements played a magical part in this. Yes it was gale force winds but, it made Jacky’s dress dance with the winds. Jacky had one of the most amazing dresses I have ever seen and both outfits came from the one and only Lilith of Glastonbury. This photoshoot generated many shoots that win my “best one yet!” award. After a gorgeous shoot at the stones, it was time to head back onto the shuttle to take us all back but I couldn’t help noticing the reconstructed hut circles. To my delight, I saw a lovely couple which were dressed perfectly for an idea of mine. Max, Jacky’s son and his lovely girlfriend, Ruth, were happy for me to take a few shots of them. From here, I couldn’t resist shopping, especially as we had a 5 hour gap between now and the “order of mayhem”.

The reception was held at the Antrobus Arms Hotel in Amesbury and at 4pm the guests all arrived excited, and I can’t blame them. Being served prosecco by Dwarves (or little people) in jester outfits, rune and tarot readings, a candyfloss machine and a harpist was just some of the happenings of the night. This was one happy bunch of guests I have ever seen. I will miss these guys very much and I hope they like the style of my work which influenced my photography.

P.S. Jacky, I am now a Unicorn

I had a dream of a big beautiful medieval style Hand-fasting at Stonehenge at Christmas with dwarves, fire eaters, tarot readers, a swing band to celebrate with all my family and friends who would come from far and wide for the Wedding of the Year. After a year in the planning, we just needed the right person to capture it all. We searched many and found one. Nikos captured every special moment and added a few himself. A super talented photographer who, I can’t recommend highly enough.