Lisa and Adam | Our engagement shoot | City Centre, Cambridge | 18th April 2017


In the heart of the City of Cambridge, a smooth handsome young chap and his elegant bride to be, venture into their wedding journey with a gorgeous engagement shoot. Choosing a busy, characteristic yet vibrant city such as Cambridge, my challenge had two topics. Firstly I had to create the feel that no-one was around, giving the photographs that personal non busy touch. Secondly, for a couple that want the backdrop of a busy city but without the audience was another challenge. Having experience as a photographer is one thing but you do need the right mind-set to balance both your couples, to make them feel that no-one is around and to manage one eye on your busy surroundings whilst focusing on your subject. Don’t take my word for it, Adam and Lisa both said that I made them feel that there was only the three of us around and the population of Cambridge was set to 3.

I took them through the quaint side streets of the city for a few shots and wondered in and out of gardens and colleges. I had a circuit already created and we ended our beautiful shoot at the park opposite Darwin College. It is an honour and pleasure that Adam and Lisa have also booked me for their destination wedding in Virginia, USA, for spring 2018.


you made us feel like no one was around…just us…