Marianna Jekimova| Bridal fashion | RAF Upwood | 18th October 2016


Deep in the heart of the Cambridgeshire, is a redundant RAF base that was begging for a creative photoshoot. With the tanks abandoned, art deco stairways, graffiti of all genres, including Pokemon, this RAF base was calling out to me for a bridal fashion shoot. Joining me for the make up was the very talented Kiya Ebony Wright, for the hair styling, my personal stylist Laura Rawlings from Bella Mia, and to showcase the shoot was the published model Marianna Jekimova.

The shoot was to include lingerie, but my goal was not to create the usual lingerie style photography. I was aiming to create a more modern, dark (and bright), contrasting feel, so having the model on the floor in classic boudoir poses was not what I was looking for. I decided to use the cathedral veil for dramatics, using the light and shaping of the veil to make the imagery flow. Like the three thirds rule, there is something satisfying about a veil. You cannot beat natural light and I used as much as I could get to perfect the images. I will keep this journal short and sweet, so do enjoy the visual bliss of what I captured and what the girls created…


Nikos is a fun and easygoing guy that can make everyone feel at ease in front of camera. Loved working with you and hope to keep in touch for future photoshoots – Marianna Jekimova