Mo and Lee | Our Wedding Day | Great Northern Hotel | Peterborough


Imagine becoming friends with someone and then not seeing them for twenty years, to then finally date and later marry that person. Well this is what happened to Mo and Lee. With the help of online dating, their paths had already crossed but was lost in the midst of time. This is the finest example of fate. When I first met Mo and Lee to discuss their wedding day at the Great Northern Hotel in Peterborough, I knew that this meeting would bring me two lovely friends into my life. Packed with energy, happiness, love and Stella Artois, this wedding brought out the married couple’s characteristics, hints of Stella, love and laughter.

I was however faced with a challenge at the ceremony. When the registrar told me strictly “no photography during the ceremony“, I was thinking two things. What photographer annoyed her? Time and time again I do hear these horror stories of what “the photographer” did during the ceremony. Who is this person that is making mine and fellow wedding photographer’s work difficult? Secondly, when being paid to capture a wedding day, how on earth do you photograph a ceremony where it was instructed by the registrar “strictly no photography“? The answer was to smile (look a little sad) and compromise. And so I positioned myself far away at the back and using one of the most quite cameras made today, did my work that I was paid to do… wedding photography!

The bride and groom shoot after the ceremony was very similar to last weeks weddings, filled with love and laughter. I let Mo and Lee compose themselves their shoot as they were in their element. The Great Northern Hotel is one of those places where you need to get very creative but that’s not to say there is a problem with the grounds and what it has to offer. They are hidden and with an open mind and slight style change, you can produce distinctive photography.