When I am not memory catching, I like to be inspired by all the versatility and styles of photography. But to achieve this, in the wise words of my graphics design tutor “You want inspiration and ideas? Go watch a movie”. He was right. I just love watching the photographic art of how a film director composes a movie. How does this help with my wedding photography? When I am photographing bridal fashion for example, I have the time to experiment and try something new. If my new ventures work, I can then try it live at a wedding. Landscape photography helps with framing a composition too, so again this can be used at weddings. In the end we can evolve with our techniques but it is not what we remember that makes us who we are, but what we do now that defines us…


Horseshoe Falls | Dartmoor | 17th May 2018

ISO 100 f/9.0 10.0s

West Pier | Brighton | 8th November 2017

ISO 100 f/8.0 6.0s

Venford Falls | Dartmoor | 17th May 2017

ISO 100 f/13 1.0s