Shannon and Coby | Pagan wedding | Chalice well, Glastonbury | 14th July 2016


Receiving an email all the way from America is always a good sign. Shannon and Coby were approaching their 10 year wedding anniversary and wanted to renew their vows with the blessings of a Pagan handfasting. Contacting Emma from Pagan Wedding Planners in Glastonbury to book their spiritual handfasting at the Chalice well, Emma recommended the one and only Nikos for the photography. Their handfasting was to be held at the Well followed by a photoshoot at the mystical Glastonbury Tor. Shannon wore a beautiful steampunk/gothilicious dress with black and white stockings (though one was cheeky!). Coby wore a smooth sleek suite with dreamy purple neck tie. I often believe love should be a nice mixture of blends and these two darlings had the ingredients to make fire melt.

Meeting a couple from abroad is always exciting and giving them confidence is very important to me. Being the scenes I carried out a recce at the serene Chalice well and prepared a photoshoot circuit, along with setting up my wireless lighting as the ceremony was to be held between 6 and 8pm. This was the most intimate ceremony I have ever carried out, with just the couple and the priestess Emma. I helped Emma carry her equipment to the top of the well and when she lit the spiritual incense, I made a prayer to the gods asking for their blessings. As soon as I encountered Shannon and Coby for the first time, I could tell and feel that these two were in so much love. We connected straight away and went for a little pre-ceremony photo shoot to smoothen the flow.

The ceremony was very romantic and if you have not experienced a pagan wedding before, please do as the elements form a bond with the elements, the earth and the two hearts that are to be entwined. Emma Starts by forming a circle and inviting the couple inside. Once inside, words are spoken to lock their commitment. You may be familiar with the term “tying the knot”, well this is where the saying derives from, because pagan weddings tie a knot around the hands of the bride and groom. Vows are then read and the rings are blessed. The next part of the ceremony is one of my favourite. They both in turn take a piece of bread to feed each other and cite the following “may you never starve”, and then in turn, give each other a drink from the goblet citing the words “may you never thirst”. After the handfasting we went to Glastonbury Tor for a magical photoshoot.

Amazing talent! So personable and pleasant and made us feel very comfortable. We love the photos and can’t wait to hang them in our home! – Shannon S Adams