Tamsin Grainger & Chelsea Whittle | Bourton-on-the-Water | 7th February 2016


On Sunday, I was at the Cheltenham park hotel for my first wedding fayre of the year and everyone was wondering why I had a wedding dress hung up behind my stand. Well, the wedding dress was awaiting its doom and its glory; a trash the dress fate. The weather was perfect; grey, windy, drizzling with rain and muddy terrain, the usual challenge for any photographer. But for once this was the weather I needed. So, where else in the Cotswolds would be better to trash the dress? Destination…Bourton-on-the-Water! My model, Tamsin Grainger and the MUA Chelsea Whittle met me at the hotel and we talked about the look for the bride. We decided to add a dark side to Nikos Wedding Photography, by blending make up and the elements.

Arriving at a surprisingly busy but wet Bourton, I was in the need for something quirky, something British, something new…that’s right, a bride in a red phone box. For this shot, there was no better lens than my Olympus 8mm Fish-eye, and how well it performed. Chelsea had the make up for the first shots clean and sharp. After the phone box and Cotswold stone wall shots, we went straight for the river…well, in the river! I gave Tamsin the wellies and bless her, she went in! The water levels were higher than normal due to the flooding and heavy rain. I will never forget the shock when Tamsin’s wellies were breached and Chelsea laughed so much, I think the whole village came out.

After the first half of the shoot, it was back to the Abarth to create a dark look for Tamsin. I never thought that the Abarth’s boot would be used on the streets as a make up studio! The weather decided to challenge us further dropping to 2 degrees with skin ripping winds. This was a challenge for all three of us. As a photographer I had to keep the lens from getting wet, fighting with light, keeping my model focused and motivated in very cold conditions. Tamsin did perform, keeping professional at all times and keeping the look as if it were a sunny day. Also for Chelsea, the challenge was doing make up in this very harsh weather and on the streets, on a boot of a car! Chelsea needed photographs for her make up portfolio, well this would certainly be an experience to show off.

This was a very fun shoot and I leave you with my quote inspired by the phone box shot…”need a photographer? Who you gonna call…? Nikos!”