Amy and Auberon | Our Cambridgeshire Wedding Day | The Maltings | Ely | 23rd September 2017



Ely is one of Cambridgeshire’s unexpected gems, and a city to be exact. Down by the river is a surprising wedding venue, The Maltings. Built in 1868 as part of Ebenezer William Harlock’s brewery complex on Ely’s waterside, it is now home to your wedding day memories. From a photographer’s point of view, the Maltings requires the artistic mind to expand, to get a little more creative and go further afield. Surrounding the building are wonderful locations for the bride and groom to have their post ceremony shoot. This was my first wedding at The Maltings but not my first time being here, as I have taken part in a few wedding fairs here. It is such a delight to see a venue stage a wedding fair and then become the venue.

On the very young season of Autumn, I made my way to Witchford, the home of the bride ( and groom). On arrival, I saw a very relaxed bride casually picking herbs from her front garden. A relaxed bride is always a happy bride. I scouted the house for personal touches and inspiration to bring together the shoes and accessories. However, there were guinea pigs… I am obsessed with the guinea pigs (real and artificial) which can be seen in a one or two of the photographs. Amy booked herself the multi talented Ashley for the hair and make up. Ashley is originally from Texas and delivered awesome results for the bride and her team. Amy and Auberon booked a retro beauty wedding car, a Morris Minor. I did try to feature the Morris Minor in the confetti shot but it got drowned in the huge amounts of confetti!

Amy and Auberon also wanted specific photos around Ely which I carried out for them. This is a very exciting task for any photographer, and with my experience in street photography too, I was in my element. Please note that if you are a bride and groom walking around a town or city (or anywhere located outside the vicinity of your wedding venue) in your bridal wear, get used to the compliments, privileges of crossing the road and people stopping for you 😉

My next wedding brings me back to Ely next week but at another beautiful venue, The Old Hall…

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