Cas and Keith | Our Wedding Day | Wasing Park | Berkshire | 10th March 2018



Snug away in the countryside of Berkshire, through 18th century parklands, brings me to Wasing Estate, home to Wasing Park. This is where Cas and Keith will be celebrating their wedding day after their ceremony at St. Mary’s church in Kingsclere. Berkshire is unknown territory for me for weddings so what will my first wedding of 2018 produce in the art of light?

Arriving at the Wasing Estate, I went to the farm house where our bride, Cas, and her party were residing for the morning. I was honoured to have a cooked breakfast made by one of the girls (thank you). It was time to get creative so I asked Cas where her wedding dress was and what veil she had? She informed me that she had a cathedral length veil which is 3 metres standard in length. For those that know me, know about my passion and love for cathedral length veils. I love veils so much that I have 3  of my very own and have them on displayed in my house. There is something about veils that get me in the zone and I feel that they add dynamics to photography. So when I was told it was a 3 metre one, I was on totally in an artistic overload.

After capturing the early elements of the Bride’s party, it was time to see what the men were up to. Keith was not too far away in the honeymoon suite within the estate. As I was welcomed in by Keith, I could hear the most awesome music coming from his phone. It was dark trance by SHDW and Obscure Shape and the inspiring tune was called Die Weiße Rose, to which I am listening to right now as I write this journal. I love trance (and all things dark) so I wanted to download this tune so that I could edit the wedding photos with this in the background. Keith was rewriting out his speech neatly so I decided to take the rings for a little creative macro shoot.

Both parties were very relaxed and chilled out so it was time to get the final shots before I made my way to Kingsclere. The weather was windy and raining so my first wedding of 2018 was giving me a good challenge. I often get asked what I do in the event of rain, well, simply, it is part of the wedding day, so creativity does not come to an end.

Cas, Keith and I both agreed to get the bride and groom shoot done straight after the ceremony, with a few shots around the church, followed by shots at the idyllic Wasing Park. Joining us for the shoot was the rain too along with his friend, muddy ground. This killed my initial recce as heels and wet ground do not match so plan b was in effect.

This wedding did bring me numerous natural shots. Olympus M.Zuiko lenses are renowned for their razor sharpness and natural shots thrive on the sharpness and brightness of a lens. Have I fine tuned this skill? Were my eyes and vision raring to go at the first wedding of the year? Natural shots can tell a story, freeze time and also capture striking portrait shots. You can also see the love between Cas and Keith, especially at times when I would leave them for a few moments by themselves, but actively photograph them without their knowledge.

2018 will be a very interesting year with new projects and fine tuned skills. Look out for my refined dark style and striking natural shots…

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