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What does a wedding photographer do?

A professional wedding photographer freezes time in the form of photography so that you can relive your wedding day at your desire. Photographs can speak thousands of words, so however you interpret it in your own words,  it will have its  own unique story. But to achieve the art of freezing time and creating magical photography, a formula is needed…and not just with the camera.

The evolution of your wedding day memories starts and finishes without the camera. A recce and careful planning of your wedding location is required. One must also have a personality to create a magnetic bond with both guests and the betrothed couple. This is a skill that you are born with. Once you have mastered the art of photography and memory catching, using your own signature styles, superior work is then carried out in a modern day darkroom. A professional photographer must also present a story distinctively too. Presenting your wedding day memories will then be in your hands...

Your wedding day story is inspired by you, narrated by me...

What time do you start?

I can start as early as you wish and wherever you’d like me to start. Starting early allows me to absorb the preparation stage of your day, accenting  your memories with the photographing of the wedding dress, shoes, flowers, bouquet, the rings and photographing scenes with your styling artists.  It is also the groom's day as well as the bride's and where possible, with careful logistics, I can be at the groom's quarters too, capturing the early stages of team groom. For both team bride and groom, a special bond is built with Nikos...

What time do you finish?

All wedding packages come with a full day coverage and because all weddings are different, there is no set time for me to finish. On average, I finish around 8pm or just after the first dance, but I can stay later. The elements captured of your wedding day after the ceremony are the wedding breakfast, cutting of the cake and your first dance. I have done weddings where the cutting of the cake was the last thing to be done, which was as late as 10pm. So I am as flexible as your wedding. Another example is fireworks at weddings, so I may stop my coverage after the first dance and resume once the fireworks commence.

What is your style?

One must be unique and have their own style. My signature shot at a wedding( if you have not guessed already) involves dynamics and a cathedral length veil. But in general my style is sharp, dynamic and natural. I capture mood in my portraiture, freeze time during blissful confetti throwing and capture time stopping passion.


Do we get to meet you before the wedding?

Absolutely! With all bookings you are also booking the one and only Nikos! If we met at a wedding fair, you know how busy they can be and we don’t get every question answered. We can arrange a home visit where it will be more relaxed and I can bring my work with me for you to see up close. I love to hear all about your wedding plans and what you’d like from the photography. If it is not possible to arrange a visit, we can arrange a phone or video call.

How many photographs do we get on the USB?

My custom USB flash drives can be carried with you everywhere you go! I supply specially designed wristbands with an integrated USB for a modern touch and keeping your memories safe on your wrist. They have a memory space of 4gb. I cannot give you an exact number of photographs for your wedding day but what I can tell you is that there will be a minimum of 600 photographs in high resolution. Also a duplicate set is uploaded to the USB in low resolution so that you can show off your memories online or at home with ease and speed.

Are we allowed to print from the USB?

Although the copyright stays with me, I honour you full reproduction rights and the high resolution pictures are big enough to print in large sizes, either as photographs, canvas prints or whatever you want the images printed on.

How do we pick which photographs get printed?

Once your photos have been fully edited, I will upload them to a private online album and send you the link for you to view the photos, along with an order form. All you have to do is write/type which photographs you want printed and your desired quantities. Although all wedding photography packages (excluding Eros) have printed products included, you can exceed this allowance with my honest and fair prices for additional printing. When you have chosen your photographs for printing, send back the order form via email or post and I will commence printing. If your photography package did not include any printing but wish to have photographs or canvas prints, simply request the order form. My latest prices can be found by going to the INFO section and choosing the OPTIONAL EXTRAS tab.

How much do you charge for deposit and when is the total due by?

Deposits secure your wedding day and start from as little as £90 depending on your wedding photography package. Payments and deposits can be made using PayPal, bank transfer, cash or cheque (payable to Nikos Nikos). Please note that the initial deposit is non refundable. Full payment is due 1 month before your wedding date.

Can we pay over the phone with a credit or debit card?

Yes you can. I have PayPal Pro which is a virtual terminal to process card payments. Please note that I do not store credit card details nor do I share customer details with any 3rd parties. Privacy to my customers is very important. The details and personal data that you provide are never shared with any third parties. The information you provide is required in order for me to administer your account and to provide with my products and services.

Do you charge for travel?

Quite simply my wedding photography packages do not incur a travel charge for weddings within the UK. So from the Cotswolds to Stonehenge, Brighton to Dorset, there are no costs to you for my travel if you have booked my wedding photography packages. For non weddings or hourly rated photo shoots, I do charge for my travel. My travel costs are subject to a radius banding, but there is a free 30 mile radius zone which incurs no charge.  Please visit my bookings page to view the banding map. As you know my prices are very competitive and so too are my travel costs as I like to make things affordable.

We are getting married in Santorini, do you travel abroad?

Absolutely! There is a travel charge for destination weddings outside the UK. Please contact me for full details. Destination weddings include pre wedding arrangements and in essence, you are booking me for more than one day...

What is a wedding photo book?

What's your story...? Tell it with my fresh, modern and gorgeous wedding photo book to relive the happiness of your wedding day. This is more than just a photo book. It is a personalised book of memories, inspired by you, designed by me. The books are 28x21cm in landscape format, printed on classic photographic paper and it comes with a Layflat binding. This means that there’s no gap or gutter between pages, perfect for seamless double page spreads of  panoramic photos such as large group shots or beautifully stylised veil shots. The book is finished off in a hardback cover and in a presentation box.

Out of the photographs you take, how many do we actually get?

The best way for me to answer this is that I try to utilise every single photograph I take and that you get every aspect of your wedding. The best example is the confetti shot. When taking the confetti shot, I will fire around 30 photographs as my camera can fire 10 frames per second, which is super fast. I will start the trigger just before the confetti is thrown and will keep it firing until the confetti has set. This way I capture every moment and every frame of the scene. I will select the best few photographs of this scene because firstly a few photos may look identical and secondly the confetti may not be perfectly thrown. I do not take thousands of photos at a wedding. I take quality photographs to perfection so that I can utilise every single photo. Quality not quantity.

Will some photographs be in black and white?

Usually when I make a picture in black and white, you will receive the same version in colour. Black and white (or monochrome) is not a case of just pressing a button. Black and white has colour channels where I carefully adjust them to give the perfect picture. Adjusting the blue channel can make the sky black for example...

How long does it take for our photography package to be ready?

There are two stages to the completion of your photography package; there is the editing and the printing process. The editing stage of your photographs can take around 3-4 weeks in quieter periods but in the busy season this can take 6-8 weeks to fully edit your photographs. Once the editing stage is complete, your photographs will be instantly uploaded to your USB and then uploaded to an online album if you have printed products in your package. The second stage is to complete any printing aspects to your photography package. This depends on your photograph package, photoshoot or order. The printing process takes a further 2-3 weeks to complete once you have submitted your selections.

What is a Model Release Form?

It is a consent form that grants me permission to publish photographs of you. It should be used at weddings as well as photoshoots of models of all ages. The model release form is not for the act of actually taking a photograph, more for its publishing and the use of the photograph. Whether you are the bride, groom or a model for fashion, you will receive a model release form in order to grant me permission to publish your photographs in one form or another.

Can friends or family buy photographs?

Indeed. They need to obtain the link of the online album from you first and then they can request the ordering form from me. All they need to do next is fill out the order form and email back to me. I believe it is polite practice that the bride and groom should be the only ones to have the link and distribute the link.

Do you have insurance?

Of course. I have public liability and indemnity insurance for peace of mind.

Our friend has offered to do our wedding photography, why should we pay for a photographer?

I am a full time professional photographer and this is my living. It is a really nice gesture for a friend or family member to be your wedding photographer but this may not be their profession and it is a big responsibility. It is not just a case of taking pictures or a responsibility that anyone can do. Precision of the camera settings and off-camera editing are best left to an experienced professional. As a professional wedding photographer I carry the experience, learned all the routines and spontaneity of wedding days. As a business, I present your wedding day memories with pride. Be sure to book a professional and give your guest the freedom to enjoy the wedding and be the guest not the photographer.

Do you use a second photographer?

I am proud to say that the work you see is all my own work. I do not use a second photographer, so you can be sure of one contact and one style that you want. With careful planning and armed with two cameras, I can almost be in two places at the same time...I am also a strong believer in giving the right enthusiastic and passionate people the chance to experience wedding photography. From time to time, I give a very lucky student a chance to experience photography and bring them with me as an assistant photographer. Depending on their experience and confidence, I can allow them to be at a different location, for example; I can be at the bride and my assistant at the groom's house.

My question isn't listed here...

No worries. Please contact me by phone 07585333644, email [email protected] or use the form in the 'contact nikos' section of my website. I am open 24/7 and ready to respond asap for you

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