Lavi | Feroza’s Artistry | Bridal Fashion | RAF Upwood | 9th May 2017



The return to my favourite location, the abandoned RAF Upwood, was more than just an exciting shoot for me. A rising, talented MUA and hairstylist, Feroza of Peterborough, booked me for this exciting commission. My consignment was to create a photo shoot that would not only show off her skills for her portfolio, but something innovative and imagery that would stand out. Ultimately, it had to be something that would bring her business. Yes Feroza has ample experience in Asian weddings, yes the model was Asian too, but I had to create something that would not blend in with other make up styling in this genre. I proposed to her an idea that was out of the norm for both the stylist and the model. For me, there is nothing better than clashes and contrasts when it comes to art. Why not have an Asian bride at an abandoned RAF base? It breaks the rules of traditional shoots of this genre but when it comes to art and creativity, this was simply a perfect marriage.

When Lavi and Feroza turned up to my humble home to try on the dress (which was guarded by my cat, TK), Lavi’s make up was extraordinary. symmetrical, sharp brows, impacting lashes, beautifully contoured eye shadows along with the perfect lips. I explained to Feroza how the hair should be previously; it needed to be straight down but with waves along with some light colour at the ends.

Lavi is not your average London model; she is a pilot, a teacher and a hotel manager. She was so excitable about the whole day. Leaving London and seeing the countryside was one thing but I think what totally excited her was the Lamas that were in a field and not in a zoo. Both girls got on so well that I actually thought that they were friends or at least knew each other. This was not the case. This was a shoot that was completely different for Lavi as she had never done a shoot in abandoned RAF base before.

Planning in my experience is everything and I already had the whole shoot in my mind. However you do have to try something new and trust your creative instinct. Although I have done a shoot at the base before, I wanted to carry out some very different shots, styles and angles. I even wanted to use some styles that I carry out at weddings, such as the bride in the stairway. I dedicated each scene (with the exception of a couple) to show off the make up and hair. Only at weddings do I capture hair and make up shots during preparations but in this scenario I was in control of the staging and composition. With graffiti, smashed out windows, decaying walls, random pipes that ruptured the walls and junk, the quote really is “one mans litter is another mans treasure” and this site really is the treasure for success.

Feroza does lips like I’ve never seen before, pungent and characteristic. Furthermore, the eye make up she did with Lavi was absolutely sharp and magnetic to the indulge the mind. She is also creative with hair styling too, so combining the two for that impact on your wedding day would be a dream for any bride which can be a reality. So, want to book her? Contact her here and check out how she has used my work to enhance her website.

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