Natalie and Kris (and Pontiac) | Our Beautiful Wedding Day | Saint Andrew’s Histon | The Old Hall | Ely | 28th October 2017



When we make our vows in marriage, we are promising our lives to one person, one love, one soul. But we must also promise to make the vows made from the heart too. So when Natalie told Kris “if you ever sell the Pontiac, we are over”, there was only one thing to do…bring the Pontiac to the wedding.

All elements to Natalie and Kris’s wedding had sentimental meanings to them both. Natalie was the first baby in the home church of Saint Andrew’s in Histon. The reception was held at the Old Hall in Ely, where Natalie did her Bishops and Deans singing awards. To link the two venues together was their essential first date. They met online and had their first date in Ely, at a riverside restaurant. The Old Hall overlooks the landmark of Ely, the Cathedral, and the riverside. Part of Kris’s condition for dating Natalie was that she had to come along and help round-up the elderly in the village for songs of praise. Today, Natalie is a volunteer minibus driver and kris is now the gentleman that helps everyone on and off the bus with a smile (very popular with the ladies). So they decided to invite the elderly community to their wedding day. After the ceremony, the church flowers were recycled into bunches and handed out to the elderly, including other members of their community.

Kris is an absolute character and I couldn’t help capturing his charm on camera, which added to the photographic count. His charisma and personality is very infectious and had me in stitches. I began to realise that if I told Kris to do something or if I had an idea, he would do it before I could say #oohyeah. Kris loves American cars and restores them for fun, though he has owned over 180 in his life. Kris now owns a Chevy C10 Pickup and the all important Pontiac Le Mans. The Pontiac can be seen featuring in their wedding gallery, to which Kris took his lovely bride to their reception in. There is something very special and romantic about a groom driving his bride to their reception, which is NOT common.

I was honoured to find out that I was a named guest on the table plan. This again is not common.  I felt so special to dine amongst their family and friends. Each table had an American car manufacture which was an awesome touch. To top things off, one had to admire the very intricate wedding cake, a very detailed Transformer themed beast of a cake.

When I carried out a recce of the Old Hall in Ely, I said to Natalie that I had an awesome idea of having photographs at night in the Pavilion. I could not thank Tim from the wedding at Lulworth Castle, who gave me a tutorial in mastering such photography. You can see the results further down the gallery to see how wonderful this was captured.

I will miss these two very much, but will remember them both with my extra crease in my smile…



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