Nikki and Liam | Our Wedding Day | Cotswold Water Park Hotel | 10th July 2016



A few years ago, Liam took Nikki on a romantic weekend at the Cotswold water park hotel, also known as the Four Pillars. Liam had one big question to ask his beautiful girlfriend who meant so much to him…to ask her to marry him. And where better to get married than the place of their engagement. Nikki and Liam booked me at a wedding fair back in October 2014 at the town hall in Cheltenham. They had fantastic ideas for their wedding photography and with nearly 2 years before their actual wedding day, I had plenty of time to perfect their ideas. They wanted a heart shape group shot, confetti bliss along with a candid bar shot and much more. Earlier this year I carried out a recce of the venue and absorbed all the artistic elements of the venue, including the vague and the obvious. Then a month before the wedding I met the couple along with Theresa, the mother of the bride. I stayed in Birmingham the night before their wedding day as I had a wedding in Cambridge on the Saturday. Sometimes back to back weddings can bring out my logistic skills too but this did not mar my performance in any way. In fact, I feel it helps as it feels I have yesterdays experience still pumping around my body.

When I arrived at the hotel, Theresa, made sure I had breakfast and ordered me some food. She looked after me all day and made me feel that I was one of her own family. She even put me on the table plan and said that it would be an honour to sit with her family and friends. I could not turn this down. The preparation shots were superb and was lucky enough to have the groom and the bestman staying at the hotel too. I was full of fresh new ideas for this wedding. I had a member of management comment that of all the photographers that come to hotel for weddings, I was the only one that has done anything different. This my friends is a huge compliment and this weddings will be featured in this September’s Cotswold Bride magazine.

Heart shape group shots are not as easy as they appear; add alcohol and communication barriers to its formation and you’ve got yourself a situation. However, I cannot share all my secrets but what I would like to mention is the inspiration and the motivation to this particular heart shape. While forming the early foundations of the heart, up on the balcony of the second floor, the harpist, Christine Kinder was playing a song by Elton John, “Can you feel the love tonight”. This was the motivation to produce the perfect heart. This was a very enjoyable wedding in all aspects; the couple, the organisation of the wedding by the team at the hotel, the food and the wonderful guests.

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