Ever wanted to learn photography? Or are you an enthusiast that wants to refine or learn a certain type of photography? The Nikos School of Photography is here for you. Learn from an established professional photographer. You do not need to study photography to make it. When my clients meet me, they NEVER ask what qualifications I have in photography, all they want to see is my portfolio.

Learn like I did back in the 80’s, learn the discipline and fun of photography. My school is different to others, you have Nikos as your tutor! You will not only have lessons, but you may have the chance to be called up to experience a real wedding, fashion shoots or an array of other photography demands from our planet. You will also have a new map of exciting places, abandoned buildings and a great range of photography locations for your own future projects.

You will also have access to some of my equipment, be given homework, weekly challenges and all of my lessons end with a summery of the day for your reference. Lessons are charged per hour and your first ever lesson will be granted with a free hour too. I am based in Peterborough, but for those further afield, a supplementary travel charge will be applied.

learn and improve sharpness with shutter speed…

One of my students learning about Shutter Speed...photos taken by my student Sadia on her first lesson


Photography is all about light, so don’t be left in the dark… Book today!

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