Vicki and Martin | Our Cambridgeshire Wedding Day | The Return Of The Veil | Peterborough | 4th August 2018



Last year at Orton Hall, I was privileged to photograph Rachel and Mike Newman’s wedding. Their bridesmaid, Vicki, was to make a return into the Nikos world but this time, as the Bride. Also making a return was Mike’s brother,  but this time, as the groom. Then the next return was a bit of a surprise. When I went to take photographs of Vicki’s wedding dress, I noticed a familiar friend, Rachel’s veil from her wedding last year! This was to be the “something borrowed” and what a stunning cathedral length regal veil it was too. Vicki and Martin’s wedding was held at Saint Margaret’s Church in Fletton, followed by their reception at the Fleet, literally across the road.

Starting at the Mother of the bride’s house in Fletton, the buzz was on. Familiar faces from past weddings is not just an honour, but a feeing of part of a family. Children really do grow up fast and it is hard not to feel connected with a family that has booked you for previous weddings. I say this in plural format as Rachel and Mike’s wedding has blessed me with over five weddings so far.

So after the wonderful church ceremony, it was time to have my wicked way with the veil once more. It was time to produce some signature moves that you all love and a style that I am constantly fine tuning. Saint Margaret’s church has something about it for wedding photography. From the avenue for confetti, to the perfectly positioned windows, it has to be up there as a personal favourite. The only challenge was the brightness of the sun. Storms are one thing, but a sharp radiant sun is actually it’s alternative battle. When the temperature is warm and the sunlight sharp, you have to start getting a little technical and look for cooler spots. Speaking of cooler spots, did you happen to see Micheal Jackson?




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